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Tuning in with JNC

October 30, 2020

Tuning in has been the theme for Mental Health Month in October.

It means:

  • becoming more aware of what affects mental health
  • recognising when we or others need support
  • learning ways to care for ourselves and others.

Mental Health Month gave JNC an opportunity to support our community during the pandemic, a difficult time for all. We offered events, resources and programs to enhance mental health and wellbeing, targeted for various ages and community groups. These included children, parents, older family members, carers, people who are isolated, and anyone needing assistance.

Tuning in highlights

JNC activities this month offered the chance to get outdoors, exercise in groups, and learn mindfulness practices.

There was great attendance at our Wednesday Qigong group, which started as a Tai Chi group. The group has been run online during COVID. As one participant said, “When you do deep breathing, it helps you relax.”

Watch the class in action here!

Our Tuesday Walking Group agreed that their weekly group has been great for their wellbeing.

Photo of video for tuning in to mental health showing smiling man
Walkers said: “Walking makes me feel grounded.” “I enjoy the companionship.” “It helps my mental wellbeing.” “You don’t feel alone.” “Walking makes me feel more content and more relaxed.” “I suffer from depression and I walk as one of my main strategies.”

More of their story here.

Our Mindfulness for Positive Child Development course reached record levels of attendance this month. Participants agreed they felt more equipped to engage with their children calmly.

Tuning in on Tuesdays

This month, every Tuesday was a ‘TuneInTuesday’. Each week we shared a different video with mental health tips. Topics covered were:

  • managing anxiety in children watch here
  • wellbeing for carers watch here
  • supporting our Aboriginal Community
  • mental health tips for older people watch here

Tuning in to community

When JNC’s team discussed our Mental Health Month calendar and resources with community members, we realised how ‘tuned in’ our community are to each other. People agreed that “it’s important to support people who are struggling” and “we need to check in with others, particularly at this difficult time”.

On 29 October, JNC further explored the way we can support the mental health of others in our community. We held an online mental health forum on self-care and supporting others. The title was ‘Tuning in and looking out‘.

Erin Healy from Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Australia explained how training in mental health first aid can equip anyone to make a difference to their community. She introduced forum participants to the mental health first aid training course available for anyone in the community.

And she shared some tips for having conversations with people whose wellbeing you’re concerned about. See this link.

Other ways JNC can support you

Phone JNC on 9349 8200, email us on, and also see this page for more ways we can support you.