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  • National Volunteer Week

    Posted in May, 2021 

    On Friday, the last day of National Volunteer Week, JNC held an afternoon event in Kensington to recognise and thank our volunteers. JNC CEO Janet Green welcomed back volunteers. “We’ve had to put activities on hold during the pandemic, or >>>

  • Connecting to community

    Posted in May, 2021 

    The solution is community Feeling a bit lonely or isolated? The solution is connecting to community. It’s Neighbourhood Centre Week (8-14 May), and the theme is: ‘Loneliness: the solution is community’. Neighbourhood centres like JNC help combat loneliness by providing spaces >>>

  • Families feel good with JNC

    Posted in April, 2021 

    Feel good with JNC in May: here are some of JNC’s programs for building positive family relationships. Our support is available at local venues, online and over the phone. Happy about being a dad ‘Connecting Dads with Kids’ runs on >>>