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Stay safe stay connected

April 9, 2020

Stay safe, stay connected: this is JNC’s message for our community over the Easter and school holidays.

Stay home, stay safe

We’re all being reminded to stay at home during COVID-19. Not doing so can compromise our own health and the health of our families and communities.

Rules for social distancing have been put in place to keep the whole community safe. There are penalties for not following the rules. Redfern Legal Centre gives a clear explanation of these rules, the reasoning behind them, and the consequences of not following them: see this document.

Stay connected

We can stay connected even when we’re at home. This is a good time to call people we’re close to who are physically distant from us. And these holidays give us a chance to strengthen our connections with the people in our households.

The JNC’s General Manager, Janet Green, has this advice:

If you have children at home, try something new. JNC webcast 4 offers something fun to do with your children – see Taronga Zoo from a distance but up close! In fact, this experience is fun for anyone who loves animals, irrespective of age.

“Do stay connected over the long weekend. Think about ways to keep in touch – connect online over a meal with family or friends.  Call someone you haven’t spoken to for ages.”

More advice from Janet in JNC webcast 5 to support you during the coronavirus outbreak.

poster showing JNC contact details for information on staying safe during COVID-19

In the next weeks JNC will be sharing many ideas for activities that keep people connected – in the same household and at a distance.

 Check out our Facebook page and our coronavirus support page.

Take care of yourself

Janet Green says, “The long weekend is also a time for some rest in these difficult times. A time to get some extra sleep, relax or do something at home you don’t usually have time for. And for some reflection.”

This is a time to check in with yourself, and get in touch with a support service if you’re struggling with anxiety about the coronavirus situation. Beyond Blue is now offering the Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service.

Our crisis services directory gives you information on how to connect with with more support services, such as Lifeline (phone 13 11 14).

See our crisis services directory for more support opportunities. This directory is updated regularly.

Stay safe, stay connected. We’re all counting on each other.