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Remembering Grigory Gertskis

March 3, 2016

Today we remember Grigory Gertskis who was part of the Aged and Disability Team for three and half years. Grigory was a Social Support Worker delivering services to the frail aged and people living with a disability in the Randwick and Waverley LGAs. Committed to making a difference in people’s lives, Grigory supported others in achieving their goals and being able access their community.

Grigory genuinely wanted everyone to have the chance at feeling like they were part of the community and not to feel like they were isolated or that no one cared.

Grigory was much loved by clients (especially our Russian clients), the Aged and Disability Team and the rest of the staff at The JNC. He had a gift of quiet cheerfulness, always had a smile and a soft word of encouragement. He was one of the first to offer to help and never left at the end of the day without stopping by my desk to see if he could do anything to help.

Many of us have fond memories of endless good natured discussions about sport with Grigory. At staff socials he was always the one to make sure everyone was getting home safely. Grigory Gertskis was a team player, a man whom I admired and respected, he has been sadly missed this last year and much remembered.

– Megan Bowyer, Operations Manager Client Services