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Seniors Week: thinking about later life

April 13, 2018

Making connections – Seniors Week reflections

The City of Sydney prepared for Seniors Week this year (5-14 April) by asking community members, “What are the best things in later life?”

At the JNC we asked our English Conversation Class the same question. Our Tuesday group, pictured, shared their wisdom. The values they highlighted have a common theme: the importance of making connections.  Here’s what they said:

The JNC's English Conversation class discusses Seniors WeekCOMMUNICATE

  • … the best therapy and happiness.
  • It’s very important to associate with young people – it enriches mutually.
  • Old age …gives you more time to converse with new and old friends



  • Old age is a time of wisdom. … this is the time to realize the lessons that life has given us.
  • We must continue to work on ourselves.
  • It’s never too late to learn … investigate family history.
  • More time for self-education and leisure: to read books, learn a new language



  • Fantastic opportunities are revealed to us [through] a computer.

Without leaving home, you can travel to different countries, visit the best of the world museums, watch any movies, find any book, music, find the answer to any question and much more. And all of this is very simple. Let’s open the window to the world and enjoy life!


  • It’s important to maintain physical activity.
  • … good sleep, music, good diet, exercise.



  • Cheerfulness
  • Laughter – see the funny sides of life.
  • A positive attitude and optimistic thinking.
  • Feeling active, healthy and loved helps us see life positively.



  • Have faith.
  • Being able to join society is very important. Doing something that contributes to our society and hobbies and seeing our friends makes us be a part of our community and keeps our mind healthy.


The Junction Neighbourhood Centre has programs and groups to help people in later life exercise, learn, interact, and helping in the community. See our activities and services and volunteering opportunities.

As part of the NSW Seniors Festival 2018, we shared information about our services at an art exhibition and book launch.  The event, held in Millers Point, Sydney on 12 April,  shared responses from across the community to the question: “What are the best things in later life?”  The photo shows The JNC’s stall at the event.