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JNC AGM 2015

November 23, 2015

The JNC AGM 2015 celebrated another year of quality service delivery and good governance as reflected in the JNC Annual Report. With great attendance from partners, local services, clients, members, management committee, staff and volunteers, many commented on the positive energy of the event.

JNC staff and members at the 2015 AGM.

JNC staff and members at the 2015 AGM.

The JNC Chairperson Gillian Elliott explained that it had been a good year for JNC. “We continue to grow and develop. The centres are lively and productive with new and innovative ways to engage with our community” she shared.

It was an opportune time for General Manager Janet Green to capture the highlights of the year. This included communication innovations with the launch of the the JNC website, Facebook page and creation of promotional clip of JNC servcies.

Other highlights were the improvement of JNC centres’ environments, new groups and programs, community events e.g. JNC 40th Birthday and Give it a Go as well as community conversations and improving how we work.

Ms Green made a heartfelt thank you to JNC partners, funders, management committee, management team, expert consultants, staff and volunteers.

As is customary, the Grace Runnerstrum Volunteer of the Year Award was announced and awarded to Faye Williams, former Chairperson and member of the JNC Management Committee for 9 years. Ms Green expressed appreciation for Faye’s contributions on behalf of all the JNC.

The Grace Runnerstrum Volunteer of the Year was awarded to Faye Williams.

Faye Williams, Volunteer of the Year Award Winner, with Management Team members Petra Besta, Sin Mariani and JNC Chairperson, Gillian Elliott.

“Today we are honouring and celebrating the work of one of our longer term volunteers who has played a key role in shaping the work of the JNC and been an effective and regular reminder of the importance of local community services. Recently at our Bondi Junction opening I describe Faye as a living legend and I was pleased she was OK with this.”

Ms. Green continued to say that “We are very fortunate that Faye chose to share her skills in community management, knowledge of community services and contacts in the sector in her active work in a volunteer role on our governing body both before and after her retirement.”

In moving forward Ms Green expressed that the JNC is working in challenging and somewhat uncertain environments that pose particular challenges for small organisations.

“Our focus will be on maintaining and developing strategic partnerships, looking at new ways of working with other organisations while at the same time maintaining the focus on engaging with our local communities.”

She continued, “Thinking outside the square, looking at new and smarter ways of working and collaboration will all be essential in the coming year.”

The final celebration was the launch of the new promotional clip of JNC services. Feedback from all who attended was positive and the clip will soon be added to the JNC website. For now you can view it below or share this link: