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  • Mother Language Day and Aboriginal languages

    Posted in February, 2020 

    Today, on International Mother Language Day, we celebrate Aboriginal languages. Indigenous languages are integral to who we are, and how we relate to other people.Did you know, for example, that there’s no “I” or “me” in the Aboriginal language? Those >>>

  • Make a difference with JNC

    Posted in February, 2020 

    To make a difference to someone’s day is rewarding – that’s what our volunteers tell us. The JNC at St Helen’s Community Centre in Glebe is seeking volunteers who have some free time, and want to make a difference to >>>

  • JNC ABC for parents and carers

    Posted in January, 2020 

    The school year’s about to begin – for parents and carers as much as for your children. Soon they will be in schools and preschools, their learning needs well supported by the education system. But what about learning for parents >>>

  • Volunteer in your community

    Posted in January, 2020 

    Why is this a good time to volunteer in your community? It’s a new year, and a good time to do something new. You may already have made a New Year’s resolution to make a difference this year; with the >>>

  • Thanks for connecting with the JNC

    Posted in December, 2019 

    Thank you for connecting with the JNC this year. Our very good wishes to you for the holiday season! The JNC has been very pleased to strengthen community connections and work with our community to grow wellbeing this year. We >>>

  • Celebrate volunteering

    Posted in December, 2019 

    It’s time to celebrate volunteering! Thursday 5 December is International Volunteer Day (IVD). Mandated by the UN General Assembly, this is an opportunity to celebrate the work of volunteers. The United Nations Volunteers programme says, “Volunteering provides opportunities for people … >>>