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Volunteer Training

The VAST Training Calendar July-November 2019 includes volunteer training sessions. Volunteer Ready, the orientation course is free to attend and non-accredited training is also free for volunteers in Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) and Disability Services funded programs. There are four “face to face” half day Volunteer Ready courses per year. One of these is held on a Saturday for convenience. We also offer volunteer training on Boundaries and Duty of Care, WHS & Manual Handling, Safe Home Visiting, Provide First Aid, Safe Food Handling and more. We recommend that training bookings are made by volunteer supervisors.


Priority is given to volunteers who are currently engaged in volunteering for Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) and disability funded services.

*WHS & Manual Handling 

Frontline staff and volunteers will be informed of their Work Health and Safety (WHS) responsibilities under the WHS Act 2011 NSW and will develop skills in the practical application of hazard identification, risk assessment and control. Participants will learn manual handling theoretical basics, and will develop skills in the practical application of best-practice manual handling techniques for the workplace.

*Safe Home Visiting 

This training is essential for staff and volunteers to meet one of the four Commonwealth Home Services Program (CHSP) training requirements.

Participants will look at the processes and strategies that need to be in place in order to ensure their own physical and emotional safety when visiting service users and their families in their own homes.

*Provide First Aid 

This nationally-recognised certificate training is essential for frontline staff and volunteers to meet one of the four Commonwealth Home Services Program (CHSP) training requirements. The essential skills and knowledge required to provide First Aid response and life support are covered, as is the effective management of casualty, incident and other bystanders.

VAST Training services provides training to staff and volunteers in boundaries with service users.*Boundaries and Duty of Care 

In this workshop you will learn what professional boundaries are and why we need them as staff/volunteers when working with service users and learn to say “no”.

*Safe Food Handling

Gain skills and knowledge on how to shop for, prepare and store food to reduce the incidence of food poisoning.

Other recommended training for Volunteers are:

Volunteer Ready 
(Volunteer Orientation Course with a focus on CHSP and Disability Services)

New to volunteering? This interactive course aims to enhance your skills and increase your knowledge about volunteering with CHSP and Disability Services. Learn about the rights and responsibilities of volunteers, basic WH&S, communication strategies and enablement practices when assisting clients.

Leading and Facilitating Groups

This engaging workshop covers the theory and practice of person-centred group facilitation. You will explore the practical methods of group leadership as well as the finer skills and confidence needed for preparation, delivery and review.

With a focus on becoming an ‘artist’ of facilitation, the workshop delivery will model the subtle, process driven ‘soft’ skills of facilitative teaching. We will also discuss the use and effectiveness of experiential learning activities and will provide interactive participation opportunities in various real group experiences.

*These workshops are essential for staff to meet the Commonwealth Home Services Programme training requirements.