Strengthening communities
and creating connections

Vision and Values

Vision and values play a vital role in what services are available and the way that they are delivered by the JNC.

Janet Green, General Manager, describes The JNC’s vision

Our statement of purpose

We believe that being socially connected improves people’s wellbeing. We listen to our local communities and work with them to deliver critical services and opportunities for social connection.

Our vision

To be a leading provider in South Eastern Sydney of services that enhance the wellbeing and resilience of individuals and communities with the best quality service delivery.

Our values & practices 

Social Justice
We work to enable fair and equitable access. We take an holistic approach to well-being and focus on the whole person. We are person-centred and work with people to build individual resilience using enabling and strength based approaches.
We encourage people to participate and engage in community life so that they have a say and retain control over their lives.
We provide culturally appropriate, safe and accessible services where strengths, capabilities and diversity are acknowledged and valued. We strengthen our commitment to reconciliation.
We work with others to build community resilience and connectedness.
We are committed to our purpose and vision even in the face of adversity.
Accountability and Professionalism
We are evidence based and outcomes focused. We deliver quality client services with accountability for our work.