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Social Support Services

To support you to interact with others and the community, we provide social support services. We can provide you with a Social Support Worker or volunteer, with transport, each fortnight for two hours. Within this time, we can assist you to shop, bank, pay bills, socialise, and undertake activities and attend outings where social and physical assistance is required. Our social support services also include home visits to promote social companionship, mainly for people living alone who feel socially isolated or home bound by their physical ability.

This service excludes transport-based assistance, doctor’s appointments and domestic assistance i.e. house cleaning and maintenance. However we are able to assist with referrals to other organisations, with your permission.

Contact the Aged Services Coordinator for more information on 9349 8200.

Social Support services include Volunteer Shopping Support - The Junction Neighbourhood Centre Aged & Disability Services

JNC Social Support Services include support to do your shopping.