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Respite for Carers

To support the valuable role of carers in the community, we provide 3-4 hours of respite for carers. If you are caring for a person who is frail aged or has low level dementia in the Randwick LGA you are eligible for respite. This Respite Care can take place either in-home or out-of-home in the community.

We also provide support, social activities and outings to frail aged people in the Waverley and Randwick local government areas. This can also provide some respite for carers.

Please contact the Aged Services Coordinator if you are a carer requiring respite and live in the Randwick local government area: 9349 8200.

Respite for Carers - The Junction Neighbourhood Centre

Respite for Carers provides with you time to undertake activities or simply take some time out for yourself.