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JNC Board – committed to community

The JNC Board governs The Junction Neighbourhood Centre Inc (JNC). JNC is a not for profit Incorporated Association with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status.

JNC Board members

The JNC Board members are committed volunteers from the local community and the sector:

Gillian Elliott – Chairperson

Janet Kidson – Treasurer

Oona Nielssen – Secretary

Janet Kidson, JNC Treasurer, and Gillian Elliott, JNC Chair, at the JNC's 45th birthday celebrations

Janet Kidson, JNC Treasurer, and Gillian Elliott, JNC Chair, at the JNC’s 45th birthday celebrations

About the JNC Board

Board members have skills, experience and expertise in:

  • Community services management, both in governance roles on Boards and in organisational and service leadership roles
  • Marketing, communications and branding
  • Health sector policy
  • Human resources management
  • Small business management
  • Financial management
  • Quality management and systems

Chairperson Gillian Elliott says,

“Through my work with JNC I have been inspired to continue the work laid down by the people who have gone before. The strong and dedicated women who founded JNC, who fought for social justice, who made great pathways into securing more equitable communities, are the foundations of my work as I strive to uphold a shared vision.

Working with a new generation of professional women and men gives me grounding, creates confidence in my abilities, adds purpose and a clear direction as we move into a bright future. I am privileged to belong here with JNC.”

JNC Treasurer Janet Kidson has served on the Board for more than 15 years. She says, “Being a board member of the JNC has enabled me to learn more about the problems facing our local community and the people it affects. I’m proud to volunteer with a community organisation whose vision is to enhance the wellbeing and resilience of individuals and communities. My role gives me the opportunity to use my business training in a meaningful and fulfilling way and to work with other highly skilled and enthusiastic volunteer board members and management team.

As a team we work together to ensure the JNC remains sustainable and can continue to provide a range of high quality essential services to meet the needs of our local community and fill the gaps that government agencies can’t provide.”