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  • National Volunteer Week

    Posted in May, 2021 

    On Friday, the last day of National Volunteer Week, JNC held an afternoon event in Kensington to recognise and thank our volunteers. JNC CEO Janet Green welcomed back volunteers. “We’ve had to put activities on hold during the pandemic, or >>>

  • Connecting to community

    Posted in May, 2021 

    The solution is community Feeling a bit lonely or isolated? The solution is connecting to community. It’s Neighbourhood Centre Week (8-14 May), and the theme is: ‘Loneliness: the solution is community’. Neighbourhood centres like JNC help combat loneliness by providing spaces >>>

  • Families feel good with JNC

    Posted in April, 2021 

    Feel good with JNC in May: here are some of JNC’s programs for building positive family relationships. Our support is available at local venues, online and over the phone. Happy about being a dad ‘Connecting Dads with Kids’ runs on >>>

  • Seniors Festival events

    Posted in April, 2021 

    From JNC, here’s a digest of events in your local area and online to celebrate NSW Seniors Festival 13–24 April. This year’s Festival theme is “It’s in our nature … to connect.” The events listed here will enable you to >>>

  • For holidays and for hard times

    Posted in March, 2021 

    JNC offers you information to support you whenever you require it: for holidays and for hard times. As Term 1 ends, we offer some links to school holiday activities. We also offer an updated version of our crisis directory. Need >>>

  • Resources for families

    Posted in March, 2021 

    Here’s news of JNC’s wide range of resources for families. These resources include playgroups, workshops, support services, information and community events. Programs & workshops Mindfulness program In a week we’re starting our ‘Mindfulness for Positive Child Development’ parenting program, to >>>

  • International Women's Day 2021

    Posted in March, 2021 

    International Women’s Day 2021, on 8 March, is a global day. On this day around the world we celebrate women’s achievements. And there are many social, economic, cultural and political achievements to celebrate. What’s more, the day is also a >>>

  • Learn with JNC

    Posted in January, 2021 

    Term 1’s about to start! And here’s a chance to learn with JNC for everyone in the family … parents, kids starting the school term, & kids starting school next year.    Playgroup @JNC  Is your child starting school in 2022? >>>

  • You & JNC 2021

    Posted in January, 2021 

    JNC 2021 message for our communities: A very happy new year from all of us here at the JNC. We all know that 2020 was a challenging year for everyone. It was also a time that we saw our local >>>

  • Holiday break care-free with JNC

    Posted in December, 2020 

    Holiday break a bit of a worry for you? Wondering how to keep the family entertained and to access support after a very tough year? Here are three ways JNC can make the festive season and summer break more care-free >>>

  • Self-care tips from JNC

    Posted in November, 2020 

    Self-care means taking care of your own wellbeing. And it’s every bit as important as caring for others. This is one of the areas we explored during Mental Health Month. See, for example, the webcast at this link, which offers >>>

  • Tuning in with JNC

    Posted in October, 2020 

    Tuning in has been the theme for Mental Health Month in October. It means: becoming more aware of what affects mental health recognising when we or others need support learning ways to care for ourselves and others. Mental Health Month >>>

  • Mental Health Month with JNC

    Posted in October, 2020 

    This October, experience Mental Health Month with JNC. FORUM 29 OCTOBER – NEWS UPDATE! Mental Health First Aid Australia will be joining JNC’s Tune In + Look Out forum (book at this link.) Mental Health First Aid training teaches the skills >>>

  • R U OK Day every day

    Posted in September, 2020 

    JNC on R U OK Day R U OK Day, 10 September, offered JNC an opportunity to find out about reaching out to people who aren’t feeling OK. The team came together online for a staff meeting focused on learnings >>>

  • Family wellbeing at JNC

    Posted in July, 2020 

    Did you know that family wellbeing programs and resources are being offered by local neighbourhood centre JNC? Our Families Team supports anyone living in the Randwick LGA who is: a parent of a child under 12 a grandparent or carer >>>

  • Supporting families online

    Posted in June, 2020 

    We know the COVID-19 pandemic has been a very challenging time for families in our community. To keep our community safe and promote wellbeing, we have developed some online resources and programs supporting families. These resources cover a range of >>>

  • Changing communities. Changing lives

    Posted in May, 2020 

    Changing Communities. Changing Lives is the 2020 theme of National Volunteer Week (NVW). Running from 18-24 May this year, NVW acknowledges the generous contribution of Australia’s 3.6+ million volunteers. When this theme was launched on International Volunteer Day, 5 December >>>

  • Neighbourhood centres connect community

    Posted in May, 2020 

    Today marks the start of Neighbourhood Centre Week (NCW) 2020, 8-15 May. This nationwide initiative celebrates the role of neighbourhood centres in local communities and across Australia. JNC is just one of 1000+ neighbourhood centres across Australia (more neighbourhood centres >>>

  • Mental health tips - COVID-19

    Posted in May, 2020 

    Do you feel that everything’s been changing around you? The COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost every aspect of our lives – our work situation and finances, getting together with family and friends, education, shopping, exercising, going on holidays. And our >>>

  • Stay safe stay connected

    Posted in April, 2020 

    Stay safe, stay connected: this is JNC’s message for our community over the Easter and school holidays. Stay home, stay safe We’re all being reminded to stay at home during COVID-19. Not doing so can compromise our own health and >>>

  • Coronavirus wellbeing with JNC

    Posted in April, 2020 

    JNC is working to support the coronavirus wellbeing of our community. We hope everyone is safe and taking care. Though the way we deliver services has changed, we’re still here to: Provide support services Link you to information and resources. >>>

  • Our community's wellbeing

    Posted in March, 2020 

    JNC is about our community’s wellbeing. JNC keeps our community connected and provides opportunities to support your wellbeing. For this reason, our priority right now is keeping our clients, communities, volunteers and staff safe. And that means helping limit the >>>

  • Mother Language Day and Aboriginal languages

    Posted in February, 2020 

    Today, on International Mother Language Day, we celebrate Aboriginal languages. Indigenous languages are integral to who we are, and how we relate to other people.Did you know, for example, that there’s no “I” or “me” in the Aboriginal language? Those >>>

  • Make a difference with JNC

    Posted in February, 2020 

    To make a difference to someone’s day is rewarding – that’s what our volunteers tell us. The JNC at St Helen’s Community Centre in Glebe is seeking volunteers who have some free time, and want to make a difference to >>>

  • JNC ABC for parents and carers

    Posted in January, 2020 

    The school year’s about to begin – for parents and carers as much as for your children. Soon they will be in schools and preschools, their learning needs well supported by the education system. But what about learning for parents >>>

  • Volunteer in your community

    Posted in January, 2020 

    Why is this a good time to volunteer in your community? It’s a new year, and a good time to do something new. You may already have made a New Year’s resolution to make a difference this year; with the >>>

  • Thanks for connecting with the JNC

    Posted in December, 2019 

    Thank you for connecting with the JNC this year. Our very good wishes to you for the holiday season! The JNC has been very pleased to strengthen community connections and work with our community to grow wellbeing this year. We >>>

  • Celebrate volunteering

    Posted in December, 2019 

    It’s time to celebrate volunteering! Thursday 5 December is International Volunteer Day (IVD). Mandated by the UN General Assembly, this is an opportunity to celebrate the work of volunteers. The United Nations Volunteers programme says, “Volunteering provides opportunities for people … >>>

  • JNC 45 Years 45 Stories - Part 2

    Posted in November, 2019 

    JNC Staff – 45 To celebrate 45 years of working in our communities, we have been sharing the stories of 45 of the few thousand people we work with each year. This final story is from our staff, who shared >>>

  • 10th Family Fun Day - community gets 10/10

    Posted in November, 2019 

    The JNC and event partners give the community 10 out of 10 for your spirited participation at the 10th Family Fun Day. Thanks for coming along to Memorial Park in Matraville last Friday, 25 October 2019, for an afternoon of >>>

  • Family Fun Day at Matraville

    Posted in October, 2019 

    Just one more week to Family Fun Day at Matraville! Making it ten out of ten On Friday 25 October we will be welcoming the whole community to Memorial Park in Matraville, offering everyone the chance to have fun, meet >>>

  • Volunteers are happier

    Posted in October, 2019 

    Sharing the journey in Mental Health Month Mental Health Month started this week, with the theme of Sharing the Journey: engaging in your community to increase your wellbeing. People in our community who volunteer with us report feeling positive and >>>

  • JNC 45 years 45 stories

    Posted in September, 2019 

    Here’s Story 23 in our JNC 45 Years 45 Stories series to celebrate the work of The JNC. To celebrate 45 years of working in our communities, we’re sharing the stories of 45 of the few thousand people we work >>>

  • JNC playgroup and workshop news

    Posted in August, 2019 

    If you have children aged 0-12 and live in the Randwick LGA, you can join a JNC playgroup, enrol in parenting workshops, and access other JNC services. Contact us on 9349 8200 to enquire or book. JNC playgroups 123 JNC >>>

  • JNC Community Linker Van

    Posted in July, 2019 

    On Wednesday 17 July The Junction Neighbourhood Centre (The JNC) ran a Holiday Funday in South Coogee to introduce the new JNC Community Linker Van. The Van was officially launched by The Hon. Matt Thistlethwaite MP, Member for Kingsford Smith >>>

  • Parenting programs - a new look

    Posted in June, 2019 

    A new perspective for people delivering parenting programs – that’s the purpose of the Parenting Sector Forum facilitated by The Junction Neighbourhood Centre (The JNC) on 26 June at Little Bay from 9.30am to 12.30pm.   “Taking a fresh look: >>>

  • Book Launch

    Posted in June, 2019 

    Secrets revealed! On 6 June 2019, Junction Neighbourhood Centre staff were delighted to attend a book launch. Secrets, a short story collection by the Maroubra Creative Writers Group, was officially launched by Randwick City Councillor Philipa Veitch.  The event was held at >>>

  • Celebrating JNC volunteers

    Posted in May, 2019 

    Without JNC volunteers, The JNC would not exist! 45 years ago, a small group of people from the Maroubra Methodist Church came together to came together to discuss and plan the establishment of a community help group (i.e to volunteer!). >>>

  • Neighbourhood Centre Week 2019

    Posted in May, 2019 

    This week, in conjunction with other neighbourhood centres across NSW, The JNC celebrated Neighbourhood Centre Week 2019. Current research suggests that getting together with other people has a positive impact on both mental and physical health. The Neighbourhood Centre Week >>>

  • JNC playgroups & parent workshops

    Posted in April, 2019 

    At the start of Term 2, 2019 The JNC invites families in the Randwick local government area to join us in our free JNC playgroups and parenting workshops. (There are some eligibility requirements – please phone us on 9349 8200 >>>

  • Harmony Day 2019 at The JNC

    Posted in March, 2019 

    Harmony Day 2019 provided an opportunity for The JNC to celebrate the diversity of our community. The last census in June 2016 showed 28.5% of people living in Australia were born overseas – here are the top ten overseas countries >>>

  • International Women's Day & The JNC

    Posted in March, 2019 

    International Women’s Day message from The JNC’s Aboriginal Community Support Worker International Women’s Day is here and I think about the strong Aboriginal Women whom I meet when they come into The Junction Neighbourhood Centre at Maroubra. Our Local Aboriginal and >>>

  • Families welcome at The JNC

    Posted in March, 2019 

    At The Junction Neighbourhood Centre (many know us as The JNC), we focus on families. We believe that everyone in the community deserves the chance to make connections with other people, grow their skills, and access support. What does this >>>


    Posted in February, 2019 

    ‘Love your Life’ is the theme of the 2019 NSW Seniors  Festival, to be held from Wednesday 13 February to Sunday 24 February. It’s an important message. Leading an active, fulfilled life enhances wellbeing – both mental and physical. EXPO >>>

  • The JNC's programs and groups 2019

    Posted in February, 2019 

    The JNC’s programs for 2019 are up and running. We invite you to join a JNC group or class – we have many on offer. The calendar on this page lists some of them. Here’s a summary of what’s on >>>

  • Volunteering in the community

    Posted in January, 2019 

    Are you interested in volunteering in the community? The JNC can help you find out more! We offer two options, depending on your background.   Option 1- Already a volunteer? If you’ve volunteered before, for any organisation, you can apply >>>

  • The JNC's end-of-year wishes

    Posted in December, 2018 

    The JNC’s very good wishes to you for the holiday season. The Junction Neighbourhood Centre has been very pleased to strengthen community connections and work with our community to grow wellbeing this year. We look forward to connecting with you >>>

  • Family Fun Day in a welcoming week

    Posted in November, 2018 

    Just three more weeks to Family Fun Day in Matraville! On Friday 30 November we will be welcoming the whole community to Memorial Park in Matraville, offering the chance to have fun, meet others in the community, and access support >>>

  • Mental Health Day from the JNC

    Posted in October, 2018 

    Mental Health Day at Namatjira in Chifley on 26 October is a key Junction Neighbourhood Centre event in October, which is Mental Health Month. This month The JNC has offered events that give you the chance to develop better mental >>>

  • Grow your wellbeing in JNC garden

    Posted in October, 2018 

    Come to our garden! In Mental Health Month, on Monday 22 October, The Junction Neighbourhood Centre will be hosting an event to highlight the way gardens help us to grow in wellbeing. Come along at 1pm to the community garden >>>

  • Volunteer feeling happy on Friday

    Posted in October, 2018 

    It’s Friday, and at The Junction Neighbourhood Centre we’re feeling happy because the wonderful Kevin, our volunteer Justice of the Peace, is offering his regular Friday morning service at our Maroubra office. He’s in his third year of acting as >>>

  • Share the Journey in Mental Health Month

    Posted in September, 2018 

    October is Mental Health Month in New South Wales, Victoria, and the ACT. Mental Health Month is an opportunity to raise awareness around mental health & wellbeing The important message of Mental Health Month is that we should all ‘share >>>

  • School holiday activities - free & low cost

    Posted in September, 2018 

    Looking for free school holiday activities for your toddler, child or teen? Here is a list of some fun events we have identified  to help keep your children – from toddlers to teenagers – busy at no cost or low cost >>>

  • School readiness - what it means and how to help

    Posted in August, 2018 

    This week The Junction Neighbourhood Centre shares a guest blog with some advice from the experts on school readiness – and offers a playgroup targeted to increase your child’s school readiness. School readiness is about the development of the whole >>>

  • Top ten tips for parents

    Posted in August, 2018 

    Some advice for parents by guest blogger Dr Barton Goldsmith Raising a family while keeping your life balanced is an art form. Here are ten tools that I have seen make life in the family lane a much nicer ride. >>>

  • Food, exercise and mood

    Posted in August, 2018 

    Guest blog post by Victoria Malouf Food and mood are closely linked. Some days you might feel absolutely amazing and have all the energy in the world, and then on others you can barely muster the energy to get out >>>

  • Friendship and ageing

    Posted in August, 2018 

      Guest article by Dr David Rosenwax AM I address the most important attribute to human happiness besides love, and that is Friendship. This encompasses many stages, depending upon our age. Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between people >>>

  • NAIDOC Women's Conference 2018

    Posted in July, 2018 

    NATIONAL NAIDOC ABORIGINAL AND TORRES STRAIT ISLANDER WOMEN’S CONFERENCE On 11-12 July 2018, the first National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women’s conference in over 30 years was held at UNSW. Building on the 2018 NAIDOC theme “Because of Her, >>>

  • Free services make Friday 13th feel better

    Posted in July, 2018 

    Today is Friday the 13th, considered an unlucky day in Western superstition. The Junction Neighbourhood Centre would like to make it a luckier day for you by offering some free services that make life a bit easier. Need to get >>>

  • NAIDOC week – Because of her, we can!

    Posted in July, 2018 

    The Junction Neighbourhood Centre understands that it is situated in an historically significant place when it comes to race relations between Indigenous Australians and White Australia. In 1770, when James Cook sailed through the heads of Botany Bay, and landed >>>

  • Older people have “Such a happy day!”

    Posted in June, 2018 

    Read about the opportunities the Junction Neighbourhood Centre offers older people in the community to get out and about and connect with other people.   A chance to dance On Monday 25 June, The Junction Neighbourhood Centre (The JNC) held >>>

  • Free school holiday activities July 2018

    Posted in June, 2018 

    Looking for free school holiday activities for your toddler, child or teen? In the July school holidays, The Junction Neighbourhood Centre’s free playgroups and Community Kitchen will take the following breaks – Transition to School Playgroup: Last day Monday 2 >>>

  • Recognising the need to belong

    Posted in June, 2018 

    The need to belong is a universal emotion that crosses all cultures and borders. This is the central message of Refugee Week, which runs from Sunday 17 June to 23 June. Frances Rush, CEO of the Asylum Seekers Centre, said: >>>

  • Reconciliation: More than just a week

    Posted in June, 2018 

    During National Reconciliation Week The Junction Neighbourhood Centre (The JNC) demonstrated our ongoing commitment to reconciliation. Barbara O’Neill, The JNC’s Aboriginal Community Worker, said: “At The Junction Neighbourhood Centre we realise that reconciliation is about acknowledging the injustices of the >>>

  • Volunteer Week Celebration at The JNC

    Posted in May, 2018 

    National Volunteer Week runs from to 21-27 May,  and on 25 May 2018 The Junction Neighbourhood Centre celebrated our wonderful volunteers at a High Tea at Boonie Doon Golf Club in Pagewood, NSW. The JNC’s General Manager, Janet Green, said: >>>

  • National Reconciliation Week Corroboree

    Posted in May, 2018 

    You’re invited to a Corroboree in National Reconciliation Week The annual Koojay Corroboree is again being hosted by Randwick City Council in partnership with the La Perouse Local Aboriginal Land Council hosts  to celebrate National Reconciliation Week.  Come along on >>>

  • Welcome all year at The JNC

    Posted in May, 2018 

    Neighbourhood Centre week ran from 30 April to 6 May 2018 – the photo shows two of our visitors at our information stall during the week, at Lionel Bowen Library in Maroubra, NSW.  But you’re welcome all year at The >>>

  • Neighbourhood Centre Week

    Posted in April, 2018 

    The Junction Neighbourhood Centre – The JNC – is delighted to be celebrating Neighbourhood Centre Week, which runs from 30 April to 6 May. This is a nationwide initiative to celebrate the role of neighbourhood centres in the community. Neighbourhood >>>

  • Seniors Week: thinking about later life

    Posted in April, 2018 

    Making connections – Seniors Week reflections The City of Sydney prepared for Seniors Week this year (5-14 April) by asking community members, “What are the best things in later life?” At the JNC we asked our English Conversation Class the >>>

  • A community in harmony: JNC Harmony Day 2018

    Posted in March, 2018 

    “Happy together!” – this simple message came through loud and clear at The Junction Neighbourhood Centre’s (JNC) Harmony Day Event on 21 March 2018. People of all ages and diverse groups, organisations and service providers gathered at Pacific Square in >>>


    Posted in March, 2018 

    The Junction Neighbourhood Centre offers you the chance to enjoy both the social and the health benefits of walking.  Join our walking group in Maroubra operating under the auspices of the Heart Foundation . Our Tuesday group starts 20 March. It’s free, >>>

  • True Harmony Day for The JNC

    Posted in March, 2018 

    Join The JNC  at a Harmony Day  event that’s true harmony! On Wednesday 21 March 2018, 11am -2pm, we will be presenting a Harmony Day event to celebrate diversity in the Randwick local government area. Sydney Street Choir  will showcase the >>>

  • Get active in Autumn with The JNC

    Posted in February, 2018 

    Join a JNC activity or group, learn new skills, and meet others in your community. Here’s a calendar of what’s on offer in March and April. For a listing of what’s coming up by activity type, see the calendar on >>>

  • Time marches on for training sign ups

    Posted in February, 2018 

    New skills for staff and volunteers – training in March    The Volunteer & Service Training (VAST) Program provides an array of courses suitable for staff & volunteers who wish to be upskilled to enable them to work with organisations >>>


    Posted in January, 2018 

    On 8 January 2018 the Junction Neighbourhood Centre opened our doors again after a break over the holiday season. Happy new year to our community in the Randwick, Waverley and City of Sydney local government areas. We hope you had >>>

  • The JNC's end of year message

    Posted in December, 2017 

    The Junction Neighbourhood Centre – The JNC – looks back on a very satisfying  year of strengthening community and creating connections. It has been a pleasure to connect with our community this year, and we look forward to continuing this >>>

  • End of 17 years with The JNC

    Posted in December, 2017 

    The JNC recently held a farewell event for our much loved Aged and Disability Services Manager, Megan (“Meg”) Bowyer.  Meg is making a sea change, moving to NSW’s south coast after 30 years in the community services sector. For 17 >>>

  • Changes to JUSTICE OF THE PEACE availability DECEMBER 2017

    Posted in December, 2017 

    Please note: There will be NO JP AT THE JNC on Friday 8 December 2017. We will still be offering JP services on Friday 15 December and Friday 22 December at the usual time: 10am-12pm Our address is Shop 2 >>>

  • WORK FOR THE JNC! New opportunity

    Posted in November, 2017 

    Come and work with the Junction Neighbourhood Centre. We are recruiting an Aged Services Manager for an interim position- see our Staff Vacancies page.


    Posted in November, 2017 

    Everyone was smiling on Friday 24 November 2017 at The Junction Neighbourhood Centre’s Family Fun Day. Thanks to our partners, The Benevolent Society, WEAVE, Randwick Council and participating organisations like Kingsford Legal Centre, NSW Fire Brigade and NSW Police, and >>>

  • Put Stress Less Tips into practice!

    Posted in October, 2017 

    This October is Mental Health Month. The theme is “Share the Journey”. The JNC has put together a fun calendar for the community with a focus on social connections. Meet someone new, try something new and put this month’s Stress Less Tips into practice.    >>>

  • Volunteer Voices of The JNC 1: Ann

    Posted in January, 2017 

    To celebrate the contributions of our JNC volunteers we have started a new interview series called Volunteer Voices of The JNC. Each month The JNC will interview one of our volunteers to find a little more about what motivates them to >>>

  • Happy Holidays: Closure dates & Emergency Assistance this Christmas

    Posted in December, 2016 

    The JNC team would like to wish all of our volunteers, clients, partners, staff and stakeholders a very happy holiday season and the very best for 2017. Together we have achieved many successes in 2016 and we look forward to >>>

  • Moments in Time Book Launch

    Posted in November, 2016 

    It is not long now until the Randwick Creative Writing Group share their talents with the rest of us. On Wednesday the 30th November at 12.30pm at the Margaret Martin Library in Randwick they will launch their newest book “Moments >>>

  • Employment Skills For Migrants Expo in Randwick

    Posted in November, 2016 

    There are lots of reasons to come to the annual Employment Skills For Migrants Expo in Randwick.  You can chat to professionals from corporate, social enterprise and government agencies, access  information on volunteering, education and training, how to start your own business and >>>

  • Raising Grandchildren Information Expo

    Posted in October, 2016 

    Are you a Grandparent or Carer raising your grandchildren? Do yo do this full or part time, formally or informally? Then come along to a FREE Information Expo. Local services have partnered to design an expo just for grandparents or carers raising their grandchildren. Raising grandchildren can >>>

  • Feel Good Fete

    Posted in September, 2016 

    This October is Mental Health Month. The theme is “Learn and Grow”. The JNC has teamed up with Hope Uniting Church to host the first ever Feel Good Fete during the school holidays. Families, teens, children, carers, volunteers and those who work teens and people, can >>>

  • NAIDOC Week Forum Discussion

    Posted in June, 2016 

    Welcome to a NAIDOC Week Forum Discussion! We will be screening “The Sapphires” at each of our three centres. The film tells the true and courageous story of four Aboriginal singers, from an Aboriginal mission, during the Vietnam War. Afterwards you will >>>

  • 2 hour Art Workshops in Bondi Junction

    Posted in June, 2016 

    Two x 2 hour Art Workshops Expressing oneself can be difficult to verbalise at times. Join us and explore your feelings through creativity at our friendly art workshops. We have engaged a highly experienced volunteer Art Facilitator, Teresa Castellanos, to lead the Art Workshops. >>>

  • Community Meditation Program

    Posted in June, 2016 

    Enjoy the benefits of meditation with meditation & yoga practitioner Faith Agugu. The Randwick local explains that we are told it is a good thing to care for others and put other people’s needs before our own. Though this is very honourable, Faith >>>

  • Linda Deutsch interviewed for Wentworth Courier

    Posted in May, 2016 

    On page 17. of the current issue of the Wentworth Courier you will discover an inspiring interview with JNC volunteer, Linda Deutsch. For over two years Linda has been contributing her time and skills as an English Conversation Volunteer at our >>>

  • Come Meet Your Neighbourhood

    Posted in May, 2016 

    Come meet your neighbourhood! Step out onto new paths with others of similar interests. Discover a range of activities you can participate in. Meet others. Make new friends. Find out what’s on for local people over 65 living in their homes and/or with a >>>

  • Cafe Tuesday - reconnecting Aboriginal women with support

    Posted in April, 2016 

    At times we all need support. But what do we do when we find it hard to reach out to services? For many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women this is a challenge. To support local women, to reconnect with >>>

  • Parenting Program: Bilingualism Workshop for Parents and Carers

    Posted in April, 2016 

    The South Randwick Community Hub Partnership is excited to offer parents and carers a free workshop on bilingualism. Australia is proud of its cultural diversity. Many of us speak more than one language. We would like our children to be able >>>

  • NSW Seniors Festival Expo in Maroubra

    Posted in March, 2016 

    The NSW Seniors Festival Expo in Maroubra is designed to provide you with lots of information to help you Grow Young! In keeping with this year’s theme, you will have the opportunity to learn, be inspired and be free. You will walk >>>

  • Anxiety Relief through Naam Yoga Course

    Posted in March, 2016 

    Would you like to learn quick, easy and simple techniques to help with managing anxiety? Join us for an hour of free yoga and meditation that will allow you to relax and release tension. Through this four week Naam Yoga course >>>

  • Parenting Program just for men: Men Who Father

    Posted in March, 2016 

    MEN WHO FATHER Are you a male in a caring role? Are you a dad, grandfather, friend or family member caring for a child or children? Then we have the ideal parenting program just for men. Men Who Father is >>>

  • Art Workshops for the Community

    Posted in March, 2016 

    Two x 2 hour Art Workshops Expressing oneself can be difficult to verbalise at times. Join us and explore your feelings through creativity at our friendly art workshops. We have engaged a highly experienced volunteer Art Facilitator, Teresa Castellanos, to lead the Art Workshops.  >>>

  • Remembering Grigory Gertskis

    Posted in March, 2016 

    Today we remember Grigory Gertskis who was part of the Aged and Disability Team for three and half years. Grigory was a Social Support Worker delivering services to the frail aged and people living with a disability in the Randwick >>>

  • Consumer Directed Care Workshop

    Posted in February, 2016 

    Controlling My Own Life: Making the most of Consumer Directed Care Consumer Directed Care gives individual consumers more control over the kind of assistance they receive with basic living tasks in their homes.  This workshop is designed to inform older >>>

  • Breaking Down Depression & Building Resilience Workshop

    Posted in December, 2015 

    We all experience periods when we feel low and a bit depressed. But how do we know if this is more serious or when to seek support? The JNC is offering a free one hour workshop “Breaking Down Depression and >>>

  • Happy Holidays

    Posted in December, 2015 

    We would like to wish you a festive season and Happy New Year. We trust that you will stay safe and connected over the break. It has been a wonderful year of activities, groups, outings and services. We look forward to >>>

  • International Volunteer Day - Interviews

    Posted in December, 2015 

    To celebrate International Volunteer Day, Saturday 5th December 2015, The JNC would like to acknowledge and thank all of our volunteers for their time, input and commitment. We interviewed three of our JNC volunteers to capture their unique volunteering experiences. >>>

  • Searching for Common Ground - Book Launch

    Posted in November, 2015 

    “The Art of Creative Writing” launched their poignant and moving new book ‘Searching for Common Ground’ last  Tuesday at The Hope Uniting Church. The group has worked hard with facilitator Estelle Rozinski, who is also an Adult Literacy Teacher. Every piece engages >>>

  • JNC Volunteer Wins Community Service Award

    Posted in November, 2015 

    On Thursday 19th of November the Annual Community Service Awards and the Vi Robbins Award for Volunteer of the Year award, was held at the Alf Kay Eastlakes Community Centre in Eastlakes. These awards provide an opportunity for the community to thank >>>

  • JNC AGM 2015

    Posted in November, 2015 

    The JNC AGM 2015 celebrated another year of quality service delivery and good governance as reflected in the JNC Annual Report. With great attendance from partners, local services, clients, members, management committee, staff and volunteers, many commented on the positive energy of >>>

  • Official Opening of New Bondi Junction Centre

    Posted in November, 2015 

    JNC welcomed the move to new premises located in the heart of Bondi Junction, adjacent to Clementson Park. With over 45 people braving the ominous weather, the official opening set a positive tone of the future goals of the JNC to continue >>>

  • Eastern Sydney Ageing Well Expo - Randwick

    Posted in October, 2015 

    Randwick City Council and Inner Sydney Regional Council proudly presents the Eastern Sydney Ageing Well Expo. The EXPO will showcase a variety of support services that support older people to remain living independently in their own home and connected to their local community. >>>

  • Morning Tea - Mental Health Month

    Posted in October, 2015 

    Come and join others for a delicious morning tea as part of Mental Health month. You can chat with others and discover new activities and and fun outings we offer to assist with your mental well being. We run a >>>

  • Community Kitchen: Cooking Classes for Parents & Carers

    Posted in October, 2015 

    We are excited to share our brand new Community Kitchen cooking classes. They are free to parents and carers and a great opportunity to socialise with others while learning how to cook new meals. Two facilitators will guide you through recipes that >>>

  • Holiday Fun Day

    Posted in September, 2015 

    Looking for the perfect FREE family outing this school holidays? The South Randwick Community Hub partnership is running a Holiday Fun Day on Tuesday 22nd September from 10.30am to 12.30pm. There will be: * Activities, sports and crafts for children >>>

  • VAST Training Service: New Training Calendar

    Posted in July, 2015 

    VAST Training Services have released a brand new VAST Aged Care & Disability Services Training Calendar. It is packed with workshops and training sessions to specifically meet the needs of staff, volunteers, managers and board members of Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) funded >>>

  • FREE Parenting Programs: Jul – Dec 2015

    Posted in July, 2015 

    Through the South Randwick Community Hub Partnership, JNC Family Programs is excited to offer a range of practical and useful FREE parenting programs in the local area. All parents and carers are welcome. If you’re a Dad, Grandad or in male parenting >>>

  • NAIDOC Week Events 2015

    Posted in July, 2015 

    Cities and towns across Australia are buzzing with events to celebrate NAIDOC Week in 2015. The Eastern Suburbs are no different. With so many accessible events on close to your home, we thought we would compile a list to get you >>>

  • The Father Connection

    Posted in June, 2015 

    The Father Connection is a sector forum to tackle the challenges of connecting with those in a “father” role. Times are changing as we are all aware and the term “family” has broadened. Along with this, the “father” role now encompasses a >>>

  • Ready For School - Thurs 4th June

    Posted in May, 2015 

    Are you planning to send your child to school next year? Are you sure they are ready to start “big school”? We are hosting a Ready for School information session to help you answer these exact questions. Parents and carers >>>

  • Walk Randwick Parks - Social Community Group

    Posted in May, 2015 

    There is something about a long leisurely walk, it soothes the soul and calms the mind. Just soaking up the natural surrounds of ocean or greenery and beautiful trees in park lands brings a smile to one’s face. The JNC >>>

  • Give It a Go - JNC opens it's doors...

    Posted in May, 2015 

    EXPLORE OUR SERVICES, EXPERIENCE NEW ACTIVITIES On Tuesday 12th May at 10.30 – 2pm, The JNC is opening its doors to the public for a fun day of activities, information, light refreshments and entertainment. “Give It a Go” will be held >>>

  • The JNC is on Facebook

    Posted in May, 2015 

    The JNC is excited to announce that we are now on Facebook. Please ‘like us” to stay in touch with the latest news and whats on offer for volunteers, service users, carers, families, individuals, HACC staff and the community at >>>

  • The JNC 40th Birthday celebration

    Posted in May, 2015 

    JNC recently celebrated its 40th Birthday with staff, management committee, clients, volunteers, local government officials, local members of Parliament and other special guests. Following an inspiring Welcome to Country by local Aboriginal elder, Vic Simms, speeches were made by JNC’s >>>