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  • Self-care tips from JNC

    Posted in November, 2020 

    Self-care means taking care of your own wellbeing. And it’s every bit as important as caring for others. This is one of the areas we explored during Mental Health Month. See, for example, the webcast at this link, which offers >>>

  • Tuning in with JNC

    Posted in October, 2020 

    Tuning in has been the theme for Mental Health Month in October. It means: becoming more aware of what affects mental health recognising when we or others need support learning ways to care for ourselves and others. Mental Health Month >>>

  • Mental Health Month with JNC

    Posted in October, 2020 

    This October, experience Mental Health Month with JNC. FORUM 29 OCTOBER – NEWS UPDATE! Mental Health First Aid Australia will be joining JNC’s Tune In + Look Out forum (book at this link.) Mental Health First Aid training teaches the skills >>>

  • R U OK Day every day

    Posted in September, 2020 

    JNC on R U OK Day R U OK Day, 10 September, offered JNC an opportunity to find out about reaching out to people who aren’t feeling OK. The team came together online for a staff meeting focused on learnings >>>

  • Family wellbeing at JNC

    Posted in July, 2020 

    Did you know that family wellbeing programs and resources are being offered by local neighbourhood centre JNC? Our Families Team supports anyone living in the Randwick LGA who is: a parent of a child under 12 a grandparent or carer >>>

  • Supporting families online

    Posted in June, 2020 

    We know the COVID-19 pandemic has been a very challenging time for families in our community. To keep our community safe and promote wellbeing, we have developed some online resources and programs supporting families. These resources cover a range of >>>

  • Changing communities. Changing lives

    Posted in May, 2020 

    Changing Communities. Changing Lives is the 2020 theme of National Volunteer Week (NVW). Running from 18-24 May this year, NVW acknowledges the generous contribution of Australia’s 3.6+ million volunteers. When this theme was launched on International Volunteer Day, 5 December >>>

  • Neighbourhood centres connect community

    Posted in May, 2020 

    Today marks the start of Neighbourhood Centre Week (NCW) 2020, 8-15 May. This nationwide initiative celebrates the role of neighbourhood centres in local communities and across Australia. JNC is just one of 1000+ neighbourhood centres across Australia (more neighbourhood centres >>>

  • Mental health tips - COVID-19

    Posted in May, 2020 

    Do you feel that everything’s been changing around you? The COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost every aspect of our lives – our work situation and finances, getting together with family and friends, education, shopping, exercising, going on holidays. And our >>>

  • Stay safe stay connected

    Posted in April, 2020 

    Stay safe, stay connected: this is JNC’s message for our community over the Easter and school holidays. Stay home, stay safe We’re all being reminded to stay at home during COVID-19. Not doing so can compromise our own health and >>>