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Customised Training for CHSP

VAST offers customised training for Commonwealth Home Support Program services.

Is there a piece missing in your training puzzle?
Do your new staff and volunteers need to complete their essential training by a specific date?

Would you like them to access training based on the latest research on ageing?

Do you want to access training subsidies?

VAST offers flexible, cost-effective training solutions  for your convenience
It’s all about you!

VAST customised training can be run

  • at your place or local to you
  • in your time
  • on your choice of topics

VAST can deliver customised training via

  • face to face interactive training sessions
  • online training modules

VAST courses all have a Wellness & Reablement focus, perfect for meeting CHSP requirements. Some of the courses are listed below. If the course you want isn’t in this list, contact us!
We also offer

  • a calendar of CHSP essential training for your staff and volunteers
  • innovative courses using the latest findings on age and dementia related issues
  • the opportunity to link up with specialist industry trainers and facilitators
  • a wide range of other courses – ask us
    The solution is up to you.

This list of courses can be expanded – please share your ideas about courses your organisation would find useful.

CHSP Essentials

Safe Food Handling

Provide First Aid

Provide CPR

Volunteer Ready  WHS & Manual Handling

Safe Home Visiting

Boundaries & Duty of Care

Elder Abuse & Neglect

All about the client

Client-centred approaches: Wellness, Reablement, Restorative Approaches – these can be tailored to meet the unique needs of different groups – your Board, managers, coordinators, volunteers and direct service staff.

Possible customised training courses

The Diversity Framework, Understanding the new Aged Care Quality Standards, Practical Tips for Managing Common Mental Health Issues, Online Dementia training modules through Dementia Australia, Older Person Mental Health First Aid (2 Days), Dementia Essentials

All about the worker

The Balancing Act: Caring for Others & Yourself, Listening & Responding to Client Needs (the Accidental Counsellor), Volunteer Ready

And many more courses!


Up to $500 to put towards the cost of the trainer’s fees.

If your approved application involves training that costs less than $500, your organisation will receive a reimbursement to the value of the training e.g. An approved  application for trainer’s fees that amount to $400 would receive a reimbursement to the value of $400.

(Please follow the steps listed in “How to Book in” below.)


To be eligible, a minimum of 10 people who work in a CHSP funded service (paid or unpaid) need to attend the session. You are welcome to join with another organisation/s when organising a Tailored 4 Tomorrow session. This also means that organisations can alternate when applying for reimbursement through VAST.

Reimbursements can only be approved for customised training applications from CHSP  funded services within our funded region in advance of the training/workshop being delivered. Please contact VAST directly if you need to confirm your organisation’s eligibility.

How to Book In

If you would like to apply for customised training please follow the steps below:

  1. Phone: 02 9349 8200 or email: with the training topic you have in mind to confirm that it is appropriate for CHSP/disability funded services.
  2. Contact VAST for support if you require extra participants from other organisations who may wish to attend your session.
  3. Complete a customised training Application Form, read and sign the Terms and Conditions form and return to VAST.
  4. Book the venue and trainer of your choice. Please note negotiations with the trainer regarding fees, payment of venue costs and refreshments are the responsibility of the organisation hosting the  training, not VAST.
  5. Upon completion of the training please send the following to VAST:
  6. A list of all participants’ names.
  7. A copy of the paid receipt for trainer fees.
  8. An invoice to: The Junction Neighbourhood Centre (VAST Program) for a total of $_______ plus GST if relevant.

VAST Will:

o   Make recommendations and provide assistance with contact information for appropriate trainers who can deliver the training required.
o   Liaise with other organisations if you require more participants to attend the Tailored 4 Tomorrow session.
o   Provide assistance with venue and contact information. o   Approve training that meets the Terms & Conditions described on the Tailored 4 Tomorrow Application Form.
o   Will make timely reimbursement of Trainer’s fees where an invoice containing all necessary information, including GST, has been provided.
o   Provide certificates for all participants who attend training, provided the list of attendees has been submitted.

You Will:

o   Negotiate trainer fees with trainers.
o   Book in trainers for customised training sessions.
o   Book venues or reimburse the cost of venue hire.
o   Provide refreshments or reimburse the cost of refreshments.
o   Email an invoice to for reimbursement of trainer’s fees.
o   Provide any insurance to cover participants, trainers or venues for accidents and/or damages. All insurance requirements are the responsibility of both the trainer, the organisation/s and venues.
o   Be responsible for recruiting attendees – although support may be provided when possible.
o   Provide training resources e.g. print handouts, IT equipment, furniture.

Phone VAST Training Services on: 02 9349 8200 or email: for further information.