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Coronavirus wellbeing with JNC

April 1, 2020

JNC is working to support the coronavirus wellbeing of our community. We hope everyone is safe and taking care.

Though the way we deliver services has changed, we’re still here to:

  • Provide support services
  • Link you to information and resources.

JNC support services

We’re committed to keeping our community safe.

In line with Health guidelines our centres in Maroubra and Bondi Junction are not open for face to face information and support, but we are offering information and support:

  • over the phone
  • via text
  • by email

This support is available during our regular opening times: Monday to Friday, 9am-4.30pm.

24/7 support for coronavirus wellbeing

And you can also find support any time of day, 7 days a week:

From 31 March we introduced webcasts on YouTube to keep you in the loop:

JNC Covid-19 Support Webcast 1 Crisis Services Directory

JNC Covid-19 Support Webcast 2 Stay in touch

Changes for everyone’s safety

Our changes to service delivery are in line with keeping our community as safe as possible. Therefore we have adapted the services we currently offer for the following:

  • older people in our community
  • community outreach groups
  • families
  • Staying Home Leaving Violence clients.

We have been in touch with all current clients in these groups about the changes in service delivery. If you haven’t heard from us or have a question, please get in touch via this website at this link or phone 9349 8200 (Monday-Friday 9am-4.30pm)

Contact JNC

Please contact us by phone on 9349 8200.

If you don’t have phone credit, text us on 0447 046 606 and ask us to call you.

You can also contact us by email on

Contact us via our website at this link

We will update this website whenever there are changes  to our service delivery.

Access our COVID-19 crisis services directory at this link

What’s happening with JNC groups

Group activities are on hold during this time of physical distancing. This applies to our playgroups, parenting programs, classes based at our centres, outings and group activities for seniors.

At this time we are offering members of these groups support over the phone.

We will let you know when make changes based on Health Department advice.

Drop-in services

For everyone’s safety, on-site services such as JP support is on hold.

You can call the JP Helpline on (02) 8688 7487.

Important  coronavirus wellbeing links

Note: JNC can’t offer medical advice. If you have any concerns, contact your GP, or if you have symptoms, phone healthdirect on 1800 022 222. information on symptoms and services

Government Health advice and information

Lifeline phone 131 1114

See our Facebook page for regular updates.