Strengthening communities
and creating connections

Vision and Values

Vision and values play a vital role in what services are available and the way that they are delivered by the JNC.

Janet Green, General Manager of JNC, addressing an audience.

Our statement of purpose

The Junction Neighbourhood Centre (JNC) actively works to strengthen communities and create connections for people in South Eastern Sydney, using our expertise and local knowledge to enable people who are disadvantaged or vulnerable to live meaningful and socially connected lives.


Our vision

Our vision is for a community that is fair, inclusive, tolerant and resilient, where people feel connected to each other and their communities and everyone can participate in ways that contribute to their wellbeing.


Our values statement for JNC

At the Junction Neighbourhood Centre, we value:

Social Justice People have fair and equitable access to opportunities, resources and quality, enabling services that make a positive difference in their lives.
Participation Everyone can be involved in community life and to have a say in decisions that affect them.
Respect People acknowledge and value the strengths and capacities of others, the community celebrates diversity and we strengthen our commitment to reconciliation.
Collaboration Working together with communities and partners on common issues to enhance the quality and sustainability of our services in the community.
Accountabilityand Professionalism Delivery of quality client services with accountability for our work and responsive communication.