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Tailored 4 Tomorrow – VAST

Do you need flexible training arrangements, in house, at your preferred time?

VAST is pleased to offer in-house training options. You can choose from Customised Training, where VAST organises everything from trainer, venue booking, certifcates and collated feedback report, or if you are CHSP or Disability Funded organisation you may be eligible to apply for Tailored 4 Tomorrow and receive a reimbursement. 

Tailored 4 Tomorrow may be training, a workshop or even group mentoring held at your work place or a venue chosen and booked by you. VAST is ready to assist you with venue suggestions and contacts as needed. The length of the session will be determined by your organisation’s individual needs.

Tailored 4 Tomorrow Training sessions may be reimbursed:

Up to $500 towards training/workshop

If your approved T4T application involves training that costs less than $500, your organisation will receive a reimbursement to the value of the training e.g. An approved T4T application for trainer’s fees that amount to $400 would receive a reimbursement to the value of $400.


(Please follow the steps listed in “How to Book in” below.)


To be eligible, a minimum of 10 people who work in a CHSP/disability funded service (paid or unpaid) need to attend the session. You are welcome to join with another organisation/s when organising a Tailored for Tomorrow session. This also means that organisations can alternate when applying for reimbursement through VAST.

Reimbursements can only be approved for Tailored for Tomorrow applications from CHSP/disability  funded services within our funded region in advance of the training/workshop being delivered. Please contact VAST directly if you need to confirm your organisation’s eligibility.


Tailored 4 Tomorrow may be training, workshops or even group mentoring that is focused on the Aged Care reforms including the “Wellness, Reablement and Restorative Approaches” or more generic training including Manual Handling or First Aid. For your convenience we have listed a range of Tailored for Tomorrow sessions available below that you may wish to book, or as a minimum, may be used as inspiration to identify areas of training your staff need.

How to Book In

If you would like to apply for a Tailored for Tomorrow training please follow the steps below:

  1. Phone: 02 9349 8200 or email: with the training topic you have in mind to confirm that it is appropriate for CHSP/disability funded services.
  2. Contact VAST for support if you require extra numbers from other organisations who to attend your Tailored for Tomorrow session.
  3. Complete the Tailored 4 Training Application Form, read and sign the Terms and Conditions form and return to VAST.
  4. Book the venue and trainer. Please note negotiations with trainer on fees, payment of venue costs and refreshments are the responsibility of the organisation hosting the Tailored 4 Tomorrow training not VAST.
  5. Upon completion of the training please send the following to VAST:
  6. A list of all participants’ names.
  7. A copy of the paid receipt for trainer fees.
  8. An invoice to: The Junction Neighbourhood Centre (VAST Program) for a total of $_______ plus GST if relevant.

VAST Will:

o   Make recommendations and provide assistance and contact information for appropriate trainers who can deliver the training required.
o   Liaise with other organisations if you require more participants to attend the Tailored for Tomorrow session.
o   Provide assistance with venue ideas and contact information. o   Approve training that meets the Terms & Conditions described on the Tailored for Tomorrow Application Form.
o   Will make timely reimbursement of Trainer’s fees where an invoice containing all necessary information, including GST, has been provided.
o   Provide certificates for all participants who attend training, provided the list of attendees has been submitted.

You Will:

o   Negotiate trainer fees with trainers.
o   Book in trainers for Tailored for Tomorrow sessions.
o   Book venues or reimburse the cost of venue hire.
o   Provide refreshments or reimburse the cost of refreshments.
o   Email an invoice to for reimbursement of trainer’s fees.
o   Provide any insurance to cover participants, trainers or venues for accidents and/or damages. All insurance requirements are the responsibility of both the trainer, the organisation/s and venues.
o   Be responsible for recruiting attendees – although support may be provided when possible.
o   Provide training resources e.g. print hand outs, IT equipment, furniture.


Phone VAST Training Services on: 02 9349 8200 or email: for further information.