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JNC 45 Years 45 Stories – Part 2

October 18, 2019

To celebrate 45 years of working in our communities, we’re sharing the stories of 45 of the few thousand people we work with each year. Read about the difference The JNC has made for them. Here’s Story 32 in our JNC 45 Years 45 Stories series to celebrate the work of The JNC.

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Joyce’s story – 32

Joyce has been going on The JNC’s Social Bus Outings, in her words, “for many years”. These outings are one of the social support programs run by The JNC’s Aged Services. Joyce says, “The JNC’s made a difference because you can get to places you can’t get to on your own.

You meet different people and have conversations with them.

It gets me out and I can see others and enjoy the day with them.”

Anne’s story – 31

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Anne has been attending The JNC’s knitting group since mid-2018. She says: “The knitting group is both an enjoyable activity and gives the chance to help others in need of blankets: capable volunteers knit squares and sew them together for Wrapped With Love. The group is well run, the atmosphere is friendly and it is good to volunteer for a worthy cause in the company of others.”

Sharyn’s story – 30

photo of Sharyn, story 30 in the JNC 45 years 45 stories series

Sharyn has been a participant in The JNC’s Gathering the Dots program, and in the Creative Writing group.

She says, “The JNC has gotten
me out and about and
reduced my isolation. It
has enabled me to interact
with other like-minded
adults. It has helped me
socially. I was so isolated,
because I cared for my
mum and didn’t socialise,
and being a part of
these groups has helped

Marlina’s story – 29

Marlina, Story 29 in the JNC 45 years 45 stories series

Marlina attends The JNC’s English Conversation Class in Bondi Junction. Four classes are held weekly, two in Bondi Junction and two in Maroubra. Marlina says, “The JNC is a not for profit organisation that provides a diverse range of community services. I get a lot of knowledge which I don’t get from other places.”

Kylie’s story – 28

photo of Kylie, Story 27 int he JNC 45 years 45 stories series

“I got to offer ideas and help with events and activities in my local area. We submitted a ‘My Community Project’ grant to promote the community room.

We got some renovations completed, and now the whole community of South Coogee can come together and build connections together.” Kylie, #28 of JNC 45

Ilda’s story – 27

photo of Ilda, Story 27 in the JNC 45 years 45 stories series

Since 2005 Ilda has volunteered in many areas of Aged Services, including exercise classes, social group outings, shopping support, and the monthly birthday celebration group in Glebe.

Ilda says, “Volunteering gives me the opportunity to be involved with clients’ needs and to meet new volunteers, and brings me happiness that I am able to help.”

Bruce’s story – 26

Bruce goes out a couple of times a week with The JNC, accessing social support through our Aged Services. He says, “I am 92 years old and have lived alone in my home for several years. I no longer have friends visiting me, and spend my time reading or watching television.

I very much enjoy being picked up at my home and taken for lunch at various social clubs in Sydney. On these trips I meet other elderly people. I am also picked up and taken grocery shopping.”

Joanne’s story – 25

Joanne has been a Tax Help volunteer with The JNC for 20 years. She says, “Being a Tax Help volunteer at JNC lets me use my skills and training to help clients meet their tax obligations. It keeps my brain active and keeps me in touch with people from many different backgrounds and walks of life. It gives me great satisfaction when a client says, ‘That’s a weight off my mind!’ or tells me how they’re going to spend their refund.
Many clients are like old friends now and I enjoy catching up with them. The JNC staff make me feel very welcome. I really enjoy doing Tax Help at JNC each week for three months every year!”

Sheila’s story – 24

photo of Sheila, Story 24 of The JNC 45 years 45 stories series series

Sheila has been accessing The JNC’s social support service for older people for more than ten years. Sheila says, “It’s good we have people like The JNC. They’ve been getting me out and about since 2008. Without them I wouldn’t be able to do all the things I’ve been doing. I’m really happy.”

This photo shows Sheila receiving a raffle prize at one of The JNC’s social events for older people.

About JNC 45 years 45 stories

THE JNC 45 years ago was begun as a great idea, with humble beginnings, by a group of very dedicated and feisty women volunteers who were concerned about poverty, loneliness and disadvantage and the shortage of welfare services in the Randwick LGA.

Joined by the Methodist Church in Maroubra and by Randwick Council in 1974, these volunteers started CHARM, the Community Help Association of Randwick Municipality, which has been providing information, support, social inclusion activities and locally driven services since then.

Over the years CHARM, which became RICC (Randwick Information and Community Centre) and then The JNC, moved to different homes, and provided different services, all targeted at vulnerable people in our community, and responding to different needs in the community.  In more recent years our work has been taken into other local communities across Eastern Sydney.

The organisation grew over the decades and attracted funding for a wide range of services, but kept its focus on local services.  A recurring theme throughout the these four and half decades is the role volunteers have played and still play, in our social justice based work and our increasingly person directed services.

We ask ourselves ‘what difference have we made?’ and it is rewarding when we reflect on that and hear people’s stories. Over 45 years, the tireless work of volunteers, the inspiration of those who have been on our Board, the passionate staff who have come with inspiration and ideas have brought us to where we are today, and to be better at being able to demonstrate the differences we made in people’s lives.

Please check this site every week for another story in our JNC 45 Years 45 stories series. And you can read the first 23 on this page .

– Janet Green, General Manager, The Junction Neighbourhood Centre