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JNC Brochures

You can access a wide range of JNC brochures on our services and other organisations from any of our three centres. The brochures typically contain information on what services we offer, eligibility, and the location of certain groups, activities and outings.

List of JNC Brochures:

For convenience, you can read or download a range of brochures on our programs and services below.

Aged & Disability Services Brochure JNC – March 2013

Community Strengthening Partnership – Jan 2013

Domestic Assistance & Personal Care at Home – Aged & Disability Services JNC

Food and Shopping Assistance Aged & Disability Services

Justice of the Peace Services 2017-18

Transport Assistance Aged & Disability Services

Volunteer Recruitment Brochure 2015

You can also phone our office if you are unable to find the information you require or pop in to see the complete range of brochures we have available.

JNC brochures provide information on services, programs and activities available to our communities.

JNC Brochures on display at our Maroubra centre.

We provide information on services provided by the JNC and other services in your community.